Rodent Proofing

Steve Laycock | 6 February 2015

Rodent Proofing is Essential

I recently visited a business customer who was convinced that by his own valiant efforts he had removed a rat problem from his premises.  I took one look at the site and told him that due to all the gaps, voids and holes in his walls and floors it would be unlikely.  He was prepared to make a wager.  Within about thirty seconds and to his surprise I had found the freshest pile of rat droppings I have ever seen, probably no more than a few minutes old.  They were below a hole through which plastic water pipes were routed.  I SHOULD HAVE TAKEN THE WAGER.




It is evident here that rats are living in the spaces between the ceilings and floors and using the ducts and conduits through which the pipes travel as access points to all areas.

The photo left is of completed work, no more building work to be done here. it is out of sight and out of mind.  Rats like that. Rats will gnaw through the plastic pipes in no time at all and being out of site, flooding could go unnoticed until serious damage was done. 

Two lessons here:

The first proofing work is essential holes and gaps leading into voids must be filled and sealed to prevent rodents from gaining access.  Once in rodents can do a great deal of damage to your property which in the worst case scenario can cause fatality.

The second lesson is that professional pest controllers know what they are looking for and can tell you whether you have a rodent problem or not.  They are there to help you and will give sound advice on how to deal with rodent problems in the first place and how to proof against them in the future.

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