All in a days Work (Seagull Nests)

Steve Laycock | 19 May 2015

Seagull Nest Removal

As can be seen from this image there is a seagull sitting on a nest between the chimney pots of this house.  Whilst it doesn't appear to be to problematic from this view, the nesting material is extending over and down the chimney pots causing a blockage to the flues. 

This is potentially dangerous as there could be a build up of toxic gases in the property should any of the fires and heaters be used, which they are from time to time.

So the nest had to be removed.




The first problem is accessing the nest as working at heights presents its own health and safety risks. There are a number of methods of access which include abseiling, using a scaffold, various lifts or hoists etc.  In this case it was easier and more cost effective for the customer to access the site using a boom lift.   

Getting up to the nest was quite simple and it was easy to see that the nest was indeed blocking chimney flues and that there was three eggs in the nest. 

Pest controllers are allowed to remove eggs from nests and nests provided that there are no chicks.

We will under no circumstances remove nests with chicks unless there are extenuating circumstances and we have been granted special permission. 


Removal was straight forward with no issues.  As we were working at heights two people were required using safety harnesses tethered to the boom lift platform.  The second person also acted as a look out because nesting seagulls can be extremely aggressive when their nest is approached and will attack.

Their arsenal of weapons include regurgitating vile smelling half digested food, defecation and striking with beaks, wings and feet.

First we gathered up the eggs and then treated the nest site with a biocide to kill any harmful bacteria or viruses.  We then gathered up the nesting material and cleaned all nesting debris from the chimney flues leaving the site clear and clean.

As a precaution to prevent gulls from nesting here in the future we placed Bird Free Gel in a matrix pattern on the chimney stack creating a boundary that will prevent birds from landing at the site.

Seagulls see the Bird free Gel vapours as fire and will not land where they see it.

The site was left clean and tidy with all waste removed and the customer was very satisfied with our efficiency and professionalism.

If you have a problem with nesting seagulls or pigeons or birds roosting give us a call.

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