Time for EFK's (Electronic Fly Killers)

Steve Laycock | 3 April 2015

What are EFK's (Electronic Fly Killers)? 

I think it is fair to say that most people know what an EFK (Electronic Fly Killer) is but for those that don't or just for a refresher this should help.  Whenever you go into a café, restaurant or bar particularly where you can see the kitchens you may see a unit on the wall much like the one in this image.  This is an EFK (Electronic Fly Killer) it uses Ultra Violet light as an attractant and then either a

electrified grid to zap the fly or a sticky board to trap the fly in which case they end up dead.

EFK's operate 24 hours a day, run silent and are very effective at controlling flies in those areas that need to be protected from flies.

In my blog "Why do you need pest control", I make a reference to being a human on the wall and following a fly or a rat and that their behaviour would disgust us. It is true, flies are disgusting germ carrying, disease spreading creatures that are responsible for contaminating our environment.  They cause illness and even death in human beings and should be stopped. 

Businesses have a duty of care to protect their staff and customers from flying insect pests. Lets face it, "Waiter there's a fly in my soup", "Well don't tell everyone, they will all want one", may sound funny but in reality it could close a business down.  The best defence is to have all round 24 hour protection that EFK's give.





EFK's will only remain effective if they are well maintained and serviced regularly by a trained and qualified technician. Over time the efficiency of the UV bulbs diminishes and the electric grids become covered in grease.  Sticky boards become full and lose their stickiness.


The UV bulbs need to be changed at least once every 12 months and the units should be serviced at least once every three months, more often in areas of higher infestation. This ensures that they operate most effectively and satisfy the Environmental Health that you have the proper measures in place.

BPCA registered technicians will always provide service reports for your site folder which will satisfy any  professional audit.

If you have any concerns about your EFK units, we offer a free check to measure the effectiveness of your UV bulbs and make sure that your units are functioning properly and will advise on any requirements.




What types of EFK's are there? 

There are two main types of EFK's that we provide, those that use electric grids and those that use sticky boards.

The electric grid types have electrified meshes that zap and instantly kills the insect the moment it touches the grid. They are very effective but needed regular servicing.

The collection tray can fill up with carcasses very quickly and the grids become covered in dead flies.

The insects can break up on the grid and debris can be thrown out onto the floor or work / prep surfaces.

They also consume a lot of power keeping the electric grid energised.

The sticky board types use sticky boards to catch the flies; once they stick that's it they are dead.  These ones tend to be cleaner as there is no debris, there is no tray to fill up with carcasses (although they have a tray) and you can see at a glance when the boards need changing.

They also consume far less power than the electric grid type as they do not have an electric grid to energise so are much greener.

These types are more preferable in food production environments and areas where food is prepared and served.

Which one should I use? 

Right through this blog I have provided images of different types of EFK's Those that are practical, those that are discreet and those that are decorative and discreet.

Some disguise their purpose and would be ideal in Offices or Front of House situations and others are for use in Back Office or Industrial environments.

They all do the same thing.

They are measured on their area of effectiveness so a survey would need to be conducted by a technician to determine how many you require for a given area and which ones would be more practical. From large industrial scale units to small and discreet.

We would also advise on which would be the best type for your business.


If you require advice on how to deal with flying insect problems or require practical assistance with your EFK's or need to speak to us about acquiring EFKs please get in touch.

We offer outright purchase options, outright purchase and service contract options, rental options and service options for your current EFK's.            

Why not give us a call to see how we can help you? 0117 9000 335