Bat-safe Pest Control

Howard | 28 January 2015

Bat safe pest control. 


We all know that we have to protect bats and usually this can be done by choosing a time when they are absent. But what if they are captive and cannot be moved but still need protection from cockroaches. 

















This week I had to devise a way of treating in a bat enclosure which is kept at around 30 degrees, with constant food and water. Cockroaches live in the bark that absorbs the bat droppings and can quickly rise to huge numbers. 

My solution was a simple looking one but lots of hard work. First shovel out and destroy 200 bags of old bark. Second mop a mammal-safe insecticide onto the floor. Finally replace with 200 bags of fresh bark. 






Mopping was essential so that there were no airborne droplets of insecticide to come into contact with the bats. Even though its mammal-safe physical prevention of contamination is an important part of the risk assessment required.








Many cockroaches hid in a cupboard to avoid the treatment but were chased onto the floor by me during the visit. This meant going into the cupboard with them but at least it was spider free. (I dislike being that close to spiders......... quite a lot !)













Between treatments I use sticky traps to help control numbers but this illustration of the number of dead cockroaches next to one of my traps shows why it can never completely work.


After a few hours hard work the bats were happier than ever.....

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