Gel The Bird Proofing Alternative

Steve Laycock | 20 February 2015

The ledge above the window on this property had pigeons constantly roosting on it. The droppings they produced built up to a thick sludge on the pavement below.  This caused a major slip hazard to members of the public passing by. It also constituted a bio hazard as bird droppings contain bacteria that can be harmful to people.  Using bird wire or spikes on the ledge would be difficult because of the design of the ledge and the owners didn't want the aesthetics of the building impaired by what they considered unsightly adornments. 

The solution was to use Bird-Free Gel in small pots that can be applied to any ledge or flat surface in a linear or matrix pattern. They are very discreet and can not be seen from the ground very easily and can fit on ledges 30 mm wide.

They work by emitting an ultra violet vapour that is invisible to the human eye but appears like a ribbon of fire to a bird.  So when laid out on a ledge must appear as a curtain of fire to any bird.

It must work because the response from birds is instant and immediately effective.  The birds fly towards the ledge and swerve off without landing.  The customers are delighted because the problem has gone away and no pigeons have landed on the ledge since.    

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