Brown ants

Howard | 27 March 2017

This ant is supposed to live inside broadleafed trees and tends various aphids but here it was in a new building. I gather that this way of living has been seen before in Scandinavia but I was not aware of it in Britain.












It is slightly browner than our common black ant but otherwise identification is tricky and I would like to thank our friends at Killgerm UK for carrying out the laboratory I.D.

Unfortunately the ants had retreated back into the "bowels" of the building, probably into insulation, by the time I got to site a few hours after the call so I was only able to get one individual to photograph.












If you see an unusual ant then feel free to send a photograph to info (at) and I will be glad to have a look. (no guarantees that I will be certain to be able to identify it mind!)

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