CEPA certified, the new European standard for pest control

Howard | 21 April 2016








This is the first ever Europe wide standard for pest management and a lot of work has been done by the British Pest Control association amongst others in europe to make sure that it reflects real professionalism.


As I am a member of the committee that recommended we adopt this standard it seemed right to try and attain it with my company.


Yesterday we had our external audit which lasted some 5 hours and involved not only a review of all our systems and paperwork but also a visit to a customer to see how we actually put it into practice. This was followed by a vehicle inspection and finally a stores inspection to check that every aspect of our business was first class. I had to demonstrate how every call for service or enquiry was logged, passed to the correct field staff and then monitored until the premises was again pest free including follow up QA checks where appropriate. Training records were carefully scrutinised to ensure that we were fully up to date and that we could demonstrate that all staff had a good knowledge of the appropriate products and procedures whatever the task.


I was delighted to hear that we had passed with flying colours and look forward to getting one of the first certificates awarded in Britain soon.


We always believed that we were at the forefront of our profession.... and now we can prove it.


And frankly, we are proud of that !

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