Changes changes

Howard | 10 August 2015

There have been a raft of major changes this summer which have taken up so much of my time its only now that I can update you all.


Our trusty Kangoo van has reached the end of the 4 years lease and we have replaced it with this new smart Ford Connect which Dave will be driving. 








Secondly we were approached by Simon of Pest Management Services (also known as PE.ST) to take over his work as he had received an unmissable offer to return to facilities management. We were delighted to be trusted in this way as Simon's first thought was to ensure that his customers received a quality service as good as the one he had been providing. Our bank agreed that this was a valuable business to acquire and so the deal was done at the start of July.






We have now visited every one of our new customers who are largely in the area that we already cover so we know that we can still offer prompt response should they see anything untoward on their sites. Anyone phoning their usual number will now get straight through to us.


This was particularly serendipitous as it came the day after Steve (our salesman) had resigned to return to the telecomms industry. Being bitten by fleas, stung by wasps or chased by rodents is not everyone's cup of tea but I would like to thank him for his efforts over the 14 months he worked with us.


So in essence we are now bigger and better equipped for a busy Summer ahead.

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