Continuous professional development

Howard | 29 August 2016




This is not just another acronym used to baffle those not in the industry.


This scheme was established a few years ago and we have been members since its inception. 


In fact it is now a requirement for membership of the British Pest Control Association. Every member of my staff (including me) has to keep up to date with developments in pest control and improve their skills year on year. To do so we attend training and refresher courses as well as seminars, exhibitions and forums.


We read the industry literature and do online courses as well.


Each year I update our skills matrix so that my customers can show their own auditors that they employ a professional company to protect against pests. Here is the current one (1 page only so as not to bore everyone)










This means that our customers are visited by the best trained and most up to date staff that the industry offers. 

Of course this is not cheap for us but we believe you are worth it !


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