Drain flies

Howard | 11 July 2016

A householder asked us to find out why she had so many flies after being away for the weekend.


I identified them as one of the drain flies, in this case Phorids.








The source was a leaking drain under the house in a void (unfortunately hidden by the walls.


The solution was in three parts.


Part 1: A large hole had to be made in the wall and someone had to climb in and repair the drain. As it had leaked into the void several cubic meters of contaminated soil then had to be removed and disposed of .


Part 2 : Dave and I had to treat the void. I determined that an organic treatment would make up the bulk of the solution here so that insecticidal dust could not blow back into the house. So first we applied 8Kg of diatomaceous earth

We applied the dust by hand rather than via pressure so it was not drifting around in the air















Next a layer of rockwool was put down to provide another barrier to flies being attracted to any lingering smell













This layer was then covered lightly with yet more organic dust






























And finally the walls were sprayed with a safe residual insecticide to kill adult flies hiding in any cracks and crevices











The wall was then made good but with an access pipe put in place to allow further spraying as necessary without knocking the wall down again. This pipe was capped, of course to keep out mice and other pests.


This just left the house itself. The house was very new and spotless with lots of hidden voids and ceiling areas that adult flies could hide in. The obvious solution here were strategically placed fly catchers. A smart model was needed and the stainless steel Sirius from Pestwest fitted the bill.















The home owner has been delighted with the results and ,of course, we are very happy to get a chance to show off our detailed knowledge of unusual pests and work out the correct way to solve a new problem.

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