Grain Weevils by the thousand

Howard | 13 February 2017









When Dave arrived on site he quickly identified the culprit as being grain weevils and so knew where to look for the source. Within a minute he had found a bag of bird seed that literally contained 10,000 or more weevils

Every dark dot in this picture is an adult weevil. The young larvae live inside individual grains and had generated so much heat the entire bag was hot.














When they emerge they leave a distinctive hole in the grain













The householder was a vunerable adult who could not leave to allow us to spray with a normal insecticide so Dave first sealed the bag and moved it outside. Then he treated the kitchen with a safe, organic material to control the main numbers. Once arrangements can be made for the house to be empty for a couple of hours we will go back and treat the whole ground floor with something longer lasting as the beetles had spread to every room downstairs.

A couple more photos to finish with:

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