Its Squirrel breeding season

Howard | 26 March 2015

Late March is the time for Grey Squirrels to have their first litters and this leads to call outs for the noise and destruction they cause in lofts.

While they are cute and cuddly in the wild it is not the same story indoors. 

They are even more destructive than rats and collect insulation and clothes from around the loft to build nests up to a couple of feet high. Being rodents they also like to chew beams and wires causing electrical faults and shorts which many people only notice when their burglar alarm fails or the TV won't work.






Our approach is to use traps such as this american one which is more humane and effective than any British ones we have come across











We rarely carry out work outside because most people like to see squirrels in their gardens but sometimes they set to and dig up the prized flower-bed and that's a different matter.


In such circumstances we use live capture traps to be sure that we do not harm Hedgehogs or other creatures that could go into the trap by accident.











So if you suddenly are kept awake at night, especially around 5am when they are most active please give us a call or use the form on the website to contact us for help.

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