Horseflies and deerflies

Howard | 23 July 2016









Species such as the green eyed deerfly, also called the double lobed deerfly, are pretty(ish) to look at but give a very painful bite.


These and the commoner horseflies such as the one pictured below can stop people picnicing altogether and make the lives of horses a misery.















A couple of years ago the best advise we could give was to move livestock away from cafe areas as far as possible. This did not help the horses though.


Now, however, someone has finally come up with a working trap to reduce the problems caused. Years ago, when I was studying for my masters degree the best trap involved digging a hole in the ground and hiding live oxen in it. This hole was covered with an insecticide impregnated tent to kill flies (chiefly Tsetse flies) attracted by the smell !


Compare this to the neat trap shown here....



I think you would agree its a vast improvement.


Contact us for details on this trap and others in the range....or you could always start digging

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