Why the cowboy approach is illegal

Howard | 10 November 2015

We are proud to be members of the British Pest Control association and as such would not use the techniques and systems below but I feel it is worth explaining why not !


Firstly the bucket trap. With recent changes in legislation more of these, looking ever smarter and more sophisticated, are now available via the internet. The picture below is of one used in the States

These traps are sometimes called "Just add Water" traps because that is exactly what you do. 


It is , thankfully, illegal to kill an animal by drowning it in the UK and I find it hard to see why proponents of these traps call them humane.


The second device is called a "Rodenator". This works by pumping an explosive gas into burrows and then setting off an explosion. Imagine your next door neighbour doing that right by your fence....or Conservatory....or Children !!


Here's what to look out for

And Here is what Natural England have to say about its use

"Although designed to kill, as the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs made clear in a public statement in May 2007, Rodenator type devices must not be used for killing wild animals in this country." 


And Furthermore

"The maximum penalty for using an explosive, other than ammunition for a firearm, to kill wild animals is £5,000 and six months in prison. There is a similar penalty for asphyxiating any wild animal with intent to inflict unnecessary suffering, which is a potential consequence of incomplete destruction of an occupied burrow system."


And finally Ultrasound devices. I obviously cannot comment on every make and model as I have only seen a few tested and the picture is for illustrative purposes only 

This device claims to use electromagnetism and ultrasound. Wasn't it fairly recently that people were demonstrating against mobile phone masts and electricity pylons being sighted near to houses in case they harmed children...and yet here we are being told to actually install this in our living room.


All I can say is that I have never, ever come across a device that works myself. Also I find it odd that they are often marketed as repelling cats from gardens and yet safe for your pets indoors.


Enough said 

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