Mammals and bird migration

Howard | 4 May 2015

I took a short break from controlling pests to catch the bird migration over Kolka point in Latvia. While I was there I had a look for any photogenic local mammals and thought you might like the results.


The title picture is a Moose. These are shy creatures and usually hide away but this one had chosen the wrong type of tree to hide behind.







Soon afterwards I came across this fox










One evening I headed for the local fishing pond and waited until dusk when I was treated to great views of a beaver.










While animals such as pine martins were too shy to get a photo a Roe Deer was much more obliging...









The numbers of small birds going over were at times breathtaking. I counted 400 per minute over one clearing but for photos I relied on slower and bigger ones such as Cranes.










Despite the cold wind direct from the arctic I managed to get one exciting photo of a sparrowhawk as it flew by the tower hide I was in.

Here its having a playful go at a local hooded crow










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