Paperwork Paperwork

Howard | 14 January 2016

I seem to spend less time in the field each month and this week is a classic example of why.


Every product we use now has a material safety data sheet which must be available to our customers. The problem is that these are updated from time to time by the manufacturer. I decided that this was a good time to check that ours were up to date, also because we are going for the new European standard for pest control, we will need hard copies in each van and the stores.


Many of the twenty to thirty preps that we may need to use this year have had their paperwork updated so I had to download each one, print three copies and amend any customer paperwork to reflect the changes. 


Each safety data sheet is up to 15 pages long ! So this operation took 5 afternoons, a ream of paper and a giant sized cartridge of ink. 


Is this really the way that anyone's time is best spent....especially when it is very likely that no-one at all will ever read these sheets. Such sheets are now demanded by auditors even for products such as "Nara Blocks" which are made of plastic and contain only the smell of vanilla. How can they be dangerous enough to warrent the full weight of European legislation ?


Anyway rant over and back in the field before dawn tomorrow with problems concerning cockroaches, bed-bugs and mice to investigate

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