Mice in a pet store

Howard | 20 February 2017

All the signs point to wild mice, chewed boxes, nibbled bags of pet food and bird seed, and no mice missing from the ones for sale.


The problems are that wild mice could introduce disease to the pet mice, eat their food or get into cages.


I know that wild mice are slimmer and more agile than pet shop ones from a previous career as a lecturer when we tried to use a wild mouse as an example and it escaped in the restaurant the night before the lecture ! The pet mice we normally used never did that.








Because there is so much food baits have very little chance of working so we rely on other techniques.


traps have to be attractive so we put them in tunnels. Here is one being investigated by a wild house mouse;
















You can see the look of surprise when it discovered the tunnel was not empty in the next picture...









Another system that we use is special tunnels containing a contact foam. The tunnels are essential to stop pets actually coming into contact with anything even remotely risky.












Finally, after solving the issue we put some of our overall profits into wildlife schemes every month to ensure that water voles and dormice thrive which are the kind of rodents everyone loves and which are struggling because of everyone's need for a place to live and a road to drive on.

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