North Somerset Council abandons pest control

Howard | 22 March 2016

Only last week I started getting one or two calls and emails from people who had been told that their local council no longer provided a pest control service.


On the face of it this suggests that there will be more business for our company so many would expect me to welcome the news. However I am upset for three reasons.


Firstly the council's service was very heavily subsidised through the council tax and they could therefore offer a service to those on low incomes at a price that no small professional company could ever afford to match. What do these people do now? I foresee a rise in accidents caused by those "less than steady on their pins" trying to get into an attic to treat the issue themselves. 

This will place additional strains on the NHS and lead to unnecessary pain and suffering. Or it may mean that many people are kept awake at night by noises in the loft that they cannot afford to treat.


Secondly I believe that councils have a statutory duty to control rats and this appears to have been ignored.


Thirdly where has the money gone ! I have not noticed a reduction in my own council tax bill related to the savings being made.

Warning Rant ahead.....  If the council needs to save money then why has the leader of the body (Mr Ashton, I think) chosen to spend council money on taking over Portbury Wharf Nature Reserve that was funded well by a different scheme..... just ahead of his re-election..though that may have been a coincidence. I am sure an independent enquiry will soon answer those questions, (or would if it had not been blocked ).

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