Protecting Frogs

Howard | 12 March 2015

Many people, nowadays have a pond in their garden which supports frogs (and newts and toads). DIY pest control for ants, wasps or cluster flies could put these amphibians at risk. This is because almost all water creatures concentrate insecticide while breathing and are easily affected.


This applies as much to tadpoles as to adult frogs etc.

We always do a risk assessment before deciding on the approach to take to deal with pests and use an organic treatment where we can.

 If only a pesticide will do then care is taken to cover the pond with a plastic sheet so that there is no risk of insecticide drifting from the treatment site to the water.





To support amphibians, as well as water voles and other creatures, in the wider environment we donate money every month to the Avon Wildlife trust which they use for their North Somerset Wetland Programme. More info at this link:

The end result is this.











Ponds full of frogs and newts  !!

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