Never Underestimate the Damage Rodents can do

Steve Laycock | 6 March 2015

Constant Gnawing and Burrowing

Like our hair and finger nails the incisor teeth of any rodent will continue to grow and grow. They do not stop growing.  As a result the rodents have to continuously gnaw on just about any substance that is hard enough to grind their teeth down and keep them honed;  this includes wood concrete metal pipes, plastic pipes. In reality anything!! 

In this image rats had gnawed through this architrave to get to a food source in one evening.  They went on to do thousands of pounds of damage to this property.  

Rodents also dig burrows to create habitat and this can also do considerable damage to buildings.


In this image rats have gnawed through the insulation on the wiring exposing the copper conductors.  In this instance the wiring which posed a real fire or electric shock hazard had to be replaced.





It is not just gnawing, their burrowing can also do a lot of damage. In this instance rat burrows in the soft sand under this building caused the foundation to subside.




In the title image mice have made themselves at home in a data cabinet and have gnawed through crucial data cables causing loss of data, downtime and costly repairs        

If you have a problem with rodents in your property, don't ignore it. It could end up costing you a lot more than you think.   


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