Saving bumble bees

Howard | 7 May 2017

Tree bumble bees pollinate lots of flowers and very rarely sting so are a bonus in many gardens.

Sometimes though people with young children or alergic pets are, understandably nervous and would rather they nested elsewhere.


We offer a service to move the bees to a local nature reserve and also donate some of the cost to help the nature reserve run.


Here is how we did this last week


  First I climbed a ladder and taped off the nest entrance (late evening to ensure the workers had returned)











Then I put the nestbox in a plastic container and into the boot of my car (I find a car full of bees so distracting while driving !)





Then lug the box a mile off the road and into a corner of the reserve and lay it carefully facing away from prevailing wind.














Finally take off the tape and run away as one bee in particular took offence (or suffered from car sickness)


Result is a happy and safe bees nest and an enhanced nature reserve.


Since writing this blog I have been contacted by the chairman of the Nature Reserve cancelling their permission to relocate these bees. As he states that this action (presumably he means releasing bees rather than killing them) "is entirely in conflict with our charitable aims"


This frankly, surprising, statement was accompanied by the view that people should not kill insects just because were an inconvenience. I would challenge this categorisation of bed bugs and fleas  among others as an inconvenience and  tried pointing out that we were saving bumble bees but he has been adamant. With this kind of attitude at the top of an organisation dedicated to nature preservation I fear for the future of our wildlife.





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