Practical results from rodenticide stewardship

Howard | 31 October 2016

There have been millions of words written on the new rodenticide stewardship scheme but I want to focus on the less publicised practical consequences.

One unmentioned consequence is that there will be a lot more field mice about as these were being unintentially killed by long term baiting; so more will try to get inside. This requires better proofing, which I aim to cover in a future blog.


One key feature though is that the onus will now be on preventing rats living near to your building as this will be the first question asked before baits can be used.  The thing to consider is simply... why do rats want to live near you anyway ?

The answer is always, for food, water and a safe harbourage. Most commercial sites do not intend to provide these but its important to check yours to avoid the scenarios below, all of which were photographed recently and provide food as well as cover.















Rats love cover such as plants close to a wall so examples such as these need cutting back or removing.

























After checking for vegetation its worth looking at how pallets and other items are stored. Again the aim is to reduce any attractiveness to rats which love cover to live in





Neither of these will help














Food and water supplies are critical for rats so if you have open bins like these or disused troughs that can fill with water, scrap them or cover them as soon as possible.







Finally check old parked/scrapped vehicles, this picture shows a rat hole chewed in the tialgate where 10 or more rats had taken up residence.

We now have a better chance of keeping you rat free with our traps and monitors.


I trust this will help because good, professional pest control relies on a working partnership between us and our customers

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