The importance of good stacking to staying pest free.

Howard | 26 January 2016


One of the terms bandied about in pest control is “Stacking” but what is it and why is it important ?


Stacking is essentially the way in which goods are stored whether in a cupboard or a warehouse. Our reports to our regular customers frequently refer to this issue and almost as frequently are ignored ! So does it really matter ?


The general guidelines are that materials in a warehouse should be at least 0.5 metres off the floor and 1m away from walls but why?


The reasons are linked to rodent biology and good housekeeping practice. Rats and mice have a lot of long guard hairs that extend beyond their thick fur in all directions. These hairs are sensitive and they use them to feel their surroundings much like they use whiskers. The thought is that they love to have one side of their body in contact with a vertical surface such as a wall at all times and preferably both sides. This gives them a sense of protection as it means that no predator can sneek up from the side. Remember that house mice evolved in open desert areas where such protection is rare and thus doubly important.


The stacking in the top photo shows a “mouse paradise” where they can move at will safe from attack or discovery. Also, because they run back to their harbourage using muscle memory (kinesthesis) neither you nor I can hope to catch up with them.

Once in such a poorly maintained area they will happily live within your goods as this picture shows.


















The same priciples apply outside. Does your bin area look like this ? -

If It does then beware as rats will soon find it.








So we make recommendations for good stacking essentially to protect your business. This was brought home with a vengeance recently when a customer who ignored our advice until they, unfortunately, received a scheduled inspection from an EHO who promptly shut them down until they sorted out the situation. We are here to help and protect you so please act to protect yourselves.

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