Autumn:- the season of cluster flies

Anon | 3 December 2014

With the onset of colder weather comes the invasion of the cluster flies.

Typically in the bristol area these flies prefer to go to the highest points in an office block, factory or house especially if your premises are on a hill. They especially like South facing walls as these give them the best and warmest conditions.

Numbers can be staggering, for example here is a typical loft with this problem.

The flies clump together for warmth which gives rise to the name “cluster flies”. Each of the black clumps above is over 1000 flies.

The main problems arise when they get into office windows, light fittings (where they can be a “non-compliance” to auditors such as BRC ).....or drop into areas below such as this sink. 


Good Riddance Pest Control can protect your staff and buildings in several ways :

We can treat the area with safe insecticides to control flies throughout the winter.

We can supply suitable electronic fly killers (with enormous catching boxes) to work year after year

We can supply window sill catching units for small scale problems.

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