Tree bumble bees

Howard | 13 April 2015

Tree bumble bees arrived in the UK as recently as 2001, yet now they are the commonest bumble bee seen around Bristol.








Out in their normal habitat of tree holes they are rarely any problem to anybody but things change when they move in with us. I came across my first nest while treating squirrels in a loft 6 years ago and puzzling over the loud buzzing I could hear.

Since then I have seen dozens of nests in bird nestboxes and peoples lofts where they construct the nest directly in the loft insulation.

This can be a problem if you need to work in your loft or paint the area they are using for access because they are very sensitive to vibrations and will come out to investigate and defend the nest.

Like most bumble bees they are reluctant to sting but, if they feel threatened they certainly will.










Alongside the traditional treatments we also offer a nest relocation service and have teamed up with a local wildlife organisation YACWAG whose website can be found at . They have kindly agreed that we can move a number of problem nests to several pockets of land that they manage for conservation. This will be good for wildlife as well as good for people which fulfils our aims for wildlife friendly pest control.


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