Keeping Keas Karefree

Howard | 17 October 2016







One of the big problems is that they are fearless, inquisitive and destructive


This means that if rats get near you cannot use standard traps or bait boxes as the parrots will tear them apart. We tested this with an empty, unset, live-capture rat trap.It lasted 3 minutes before it was taken completely apart !




So a different solution was needed. Firstly the enclosure was proofed as far as possible with concrete while empty.


Then I bought an underground bait box. At first it looks like this...
















With the help of a genuinely glamorous assistant (who volunteered) we put it in the ground with the only entrance being a narrow pipe that Keas could not get through.
















So that the finished article looks like this










Even Keas cannot use allen keys so that it is secure and will help protect their home for years to come

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