Wasp traps

Howard | 6 July 2016

Why do our customers want wasp traps ?


Many places we supply, being visitor attractions, do not want their customers to be stung or driven away by wasps at the table.

They also want to protect themselves from liability


Why these traps in particular ?

Because they are actually very high tech for this field. These traps do not allow wasps to escape and recruit yet more wasps from their nest.


And because, once in place, you do not need to refill them so your staff don't get stung doing this job.


Why don't we put them up in early spring before many wasps are around ?


Because wasps are doing more good than harm then, by catching thousands of garden pests to feed their young.


Why are wasps more and more of a problem as the summer progresses ?


Because early on they get all their food from their own grubs in the form of a sugary excretion but later on their are too many adults so that they are starving. Hence they want your ice cream or fizzy drink


What other premises use our traps ?


Anywhere with sticky, sugary products. Bakeries, food factories, railway yards and distribution warehouses to name a few.








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