What looks like a wasp ?

Howard | 20 July 2015

Every year we get a few call outs for wasps and bees that turn out to be harmless insects. To help you I have put together a few pictures of the commonest insects that cause confusion.


Lets be frank - Its not everyone who wants to look too closely and I don't blame you but I find insects fascinating so I have tried to get close to a few things this weekend to show the differences.


Wasps and bees can be dangerous because they have stings so lots of insects have evolved to look a bit like them in the hope that birds and mammals then choose NOT to eat them


This, for instance is a moth as is the picture below










Here is a real wasp collecting wood to make its paper nest from








Head on it looks like this

The pattern on the face shows this is a common wasp


I don't recommend getting this close but I cooled this one down for a few minutes before photographing it from an inch or two away !






Hornets are much bigger and more orange like this 


Its a bit blurred because my hand was shaking a little.







Many types of hoverfly also tend to resemble wasps and hornets and typically swarm around flowering bushes.  Here are a couple of examples








These are completely harmless of course but can be surprisingly large.


You can always email us a photo at [email protected] and I will try and work out what it is for you. If it is wasps then we can always help with nests

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