What colour are rat droppings

Howard | 15 January 2015

Rat droppings are usually black and hard once they have dried for a day or two. We have found some other colours recently though !



This means we are doing our job well, the rats have clearly eaten one of our baits which are dyed blue and the dye passes through their system.

Why are some baits died blue then?

This is to help stop birds eating them when farmers or others use them in the open: a practice that we never follow. All our baits are hidden from birds (and pets).


This is more of a mystery ! I think that this rat had actually been living almost entirely on a store of carrots.










This is due to a new rodenticide called Muskil. This product was developed last year to help in the fight against resistant populations of rats and we use it in South Somerset where this problem has recently appeared.





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