Cockroach & chips

Don’t skimp on your pest control – it could cost you much more than a pest prevention contract!

The story of the fish and chip shop in Brighton being closed down for food hygiene breaches highlights the need for good effective pest control in all food outlets. As well as the cockroaches and rat droppings, the overall hygiene and cleaning was of a very poor standard and the owner was quite fortunate to get away with a relatively light fine of £1,000 plus costs.

We have seen cases in central London where the fine has been up to £20,000...per offence! As well as looking for pest issues in a property, a good pest controller will give a report after each visit which would detail any housekeeping and cleaning issues that may be present in the property, as all of these factors can affect the pest control (spilt fat, dropped chips etc can all provide tasty food sources for all of the common public health pests). If you run a food operation, don’t take any chances, employ a reputable pest controller and save money, reputation...and your business.

Listen to Paul discussing this story on BBC Sussex: