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Bee control

Bee Control


Generally bees are not as aggressive as wasps or hornets and it is rarer to be stung by a bee. They only tend to sting if they feel in danger or if their hive is being threatened.

How to identify a bee problem

If you have a bees nest you will probably see them entering a hole in the ground, wall or roof. 

Where they nest often depends on the species. It may not be necessary, or legal, to destroy the nest - especially if it belongs to honey bees. We will be able to help you identify the types of bees you have - usually bumble bees, honey bees or a wild species such as masonry or mining bees.

To learn more about the different types of bee we have in the UK, look at this blog written by Clive on the DIY Garden. Click here to read the blog.

How to get rid of a bee nest

Remember, it may be illegal to destroy your bee nest and the regulations surrounding honeybees, especially, are very strict.

If you have a problem with bees, try contacting a local beekeeper (your local council should have a contact number). They will be able to help, offer advice and possibly relocate the bees. You will be ased to supply the exact location of the swarm. Most beekeepers make a charge for the removal of a swarm from your garden, depending on the distance travelled etc.

For more information, see the British Beekeepers’ Association website before contacting your nearest honeybee swarm coordinator.

If you have been stung by a bee, this NHS choices web page contains information on how best to treat insect stings.