Environmental Policy

Our environmental impact is important to us and we seek to minimise it and also to mitigate it in many ways which include:

  • Use minimum doses of targeted pesticides 
  • Where appropriate use pesticide free systems of control
  • Accurately identify the species involved and make an assessment of the true risks it presents so that unnecessary treatments are never recommended.
  • Use organic based insecticides wherever appropriate to achieve the desired results without putting standard insecticides into the environment.
  • Avoid using the older types of insecticide linked with health and environmental problems throughout the world. We avoid the use of excessive "external baits" which cause more problems to local wildlife than they solve in terms of pest species.
  • Use local suppliers to cut down on supply-miles
  • Minimise the production of waste such as copies of every material data sheet in every report pack. These are stored electronically and can be sent to customers for audit purposes as and when required. Much of our waste paper is composted rather than sent to landfill.
  • Offset the removal of species such as brown rats and clothes moths with positive action to improve local habitats for wildlife.
  • To do this we actively participate in and help fund a number of local projects. These include the recording of birds and moths in the Gordano valley by the Clevedon moth group and a local association of birdwatchers. These studies can then be used to inform decisions on habitat conservation in this area.
  • We are developing bat friendly techniques of monitoring and removing unwanted pests from buildings used by bats without putting these threatened mammals at risk.


Here are a few of my wildlife photos that I have taken recently


Scarlet Macaws













Black-veined White Butterfly























Bald Eagle







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