Environmental Policy

Protecting the environment is an important part of our business. We actively work to reduce our impact while providing effective pest control to our clients.

Measures include:

  • Using traditional methods such as traps where possible
  • Minimum doses of targeted pesticides 
  • Pesticide-free control systems where appropriate
  • Emphasis on accurate species identification and risk assessment to stop unnecessary treatments
  • Using natural methods of pest control where possible
  • Careful use of  baits so as not to threaten local wildlife
  • Reducing carbon footprint by using local suppliers
  • Using green methods of transport where possible
  • Reducing paper waste and compost where appropriate
  • Working with local projects to record wildlife and improve habits
  • Bat-friendly techniques to allow successful bird-proofing without threatening these mammals

Good Riddance Pest Control now also has access to Cleankill’s award-winning ‘green’ pest control techniques.

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