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What 2020 Taught Me

New Year is a good time to reflect on the old and consider the new. Certainly, when I look back on 2020 it is with mixed feelings because it has been impossible to escape (literally) the impact of COVID-19. I like to remain positive but even I, at times, found it hard to stay upbeat as the world I knew was contracting. Of course, that doesn’t mean the year was a complete washout and it had some real positives.

So, what has such a challenging year taught me?

No Time for Chicken Licken

At the end of September, Bank of England economist Andy Haldane said:

“Now is not the time for the economics of Chicken Licken. My concern at present is that good news on the economy is being crowded out by fears about the future. Collective anxiety is as contagious, and could be as damaging to our well-being, as this terrible disease."