Somerset Pigeon Problems

"We needed someone to remove the pigeons that were nesting under our solar panels and creating a dreadful mess with their droppings in the gutters and by our doorstep. I contacted Samantha and she came out promptly to survey the situation and to give us a quote. We needed scaffolding to be put up because of the height of the roof and Samantha arranged for a firm to visit and give a separate quote for this. We were happy with the quotes and so the job went ahead. The scaffolding team worked quickly and carefully, taking the trouble not to damage any plants. The following day Russell and Phil drove over to us in Somerset from Sussex- leaving at 5 am and arriving just after 8am. They were very professional and efficient. They completed the job in good time and cleared everything away. We are so grateful to them for doing this difficult and potentially dangerous job. The photos Russell shared with us showing the state of the gutters beforehand shocked us; I hadn’t realised just how much of a nuisance pigeons could be. We were also shown photos after the area had been cleared and the preventative panels put in place and it was transformed. We can’t express how much we truly appreciate the wonderful job done by Russell and Phil. We are very happy to recommend Cleankill Pest Control."

Joanne Nicholson via Google