Paul Bates

Clothes moth horror as ruined woollies are uncovered

Shrieks of horror can be heard across the Kent, Surrey and Sussex as people succumb to the Autumn weather and dig out their coveted cashmere jumpers - only to find them full of holes.

While precious pashminas were stored away in cupboards, they were providing a summer time feast for the dreaded clothes moth or Tineola bisselliella. What makes the situation even more heartbreaking is that very few household insurance policies cover damage caused by pests in the home.

Meet the Cleankill team at the South East Business Show

The latest pest control equipment will be available to see on award-winning Cleankill Pest Control's stand at The South East Business Show. 
Visitors to the expo will be able to view products such as the latest bird gel and Cleankill experts will be on hand to give information and advice to facilities managers, estates managers, landlords and business owners at the event on 24th January 2014 at the Millennium Conference Centre, Effingham Park, Gatwick.