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fly killer

Cleankill Pest Control launches new, highly effective fly killing unit

Cleankill Pest Control has just launched a smart, new LED fly killer which is highly effective at killing flies quickly and helps to reduce the risk of flies spreading pathogens.

One of the downsides of the warm weather is the sudden appearance of flies. There are more than 110,000 species of flies – each one having its own distinct life cycle. Some are more bothersome than others and some species carry more germs than others.

Keep flies at bay and your customers and staff safe with the latest UV fly killers

Gone are the days when electric fly killers were noisy and unattractive. Now, thanks to Cleankill Pest Control’s own range of UV fly killers, businesses can choose from eight different types.

Controlling flying insects is vital for food businesses and any premises where flies could be a health hazard and a nuisance. A single housefly can pick up and transport disease-carrying bacteria from and to every surface, including food and food preparation areas.