Filter flies in London – an increasing problem

Many office blocks in London have restaurants and shops on the ground floor which can present additional challenges to FMs if tenants do not take steps to keep their areas hygienic and pest free.

This was the case with an upmarket Italian restaurant in central London. Cleankill was called to deal with a serious fly infestation which was spreading through a void into the toilets and then into the eating areas. They were identified as filter flies – small flies about the size of fruit flies – commonly found at sewage farms which provide the ideal breeding conditions.

Time to make sure you are protected from the menace of pigeons

With Spring seemly getting earlier and earlier, now is the time to make sure your property is protected from nesting pigeons and other flying pests.

As the days get warmer, birds will start to look for places to settle – outside ledges and exposed pipework. Their droppings will then collect on the floor below, causing an unsightly and dangerously slippery mess.

On The Alan Titchmarsh Show again!

Cleankill Pest Control's Director Jon Whitehead will be in the limelight today (11th September) when he takes part in The Alan Titchmarsh Show on ITV. Jon will be talking about wasps and what they are up to this time of year. He'll be taking a large wasps' next to the studio so viewers can see what they are like close up. We are delighted to have been asked back on the show as experts in the field of pest control and for a few (millions actually) more people to be made aware of the Cleankill brand.